WingMakers is neither a path or teaching,
it is simply a way of living based on spiritual equality,
and in this way of living, it proposes not to judge,
but rather to distinguish carefully between the lower frequencies of separation
and the higher frequencies of unity--one and all.

James Mahu, excerpted from the Collected Works of WingMakers Volume 1


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So the expression of the six heart virtues is the outgrowth of this deeper connection between the human self and the divine or higher Self, quite independent of life conditions, what astrological sign you have been born into, whether you are male or female, whether you are well educated or not, or your social standing. In short, the six heart virtues create the vibrational climate in your local environment that brings forward your higher Self as an agent of Spirit.
- James
Excerpt from April 2008 Interview

The Six Heart Virtues, as a conceptual framework for living a love-centered life, was first introduced in 2005 with an e-paper, authored by James, entitled: The Energetic Heart: Its Purpose in Human Destiny.

This e-paper indicated an important new branch in the philosophical writings of the WingMakers and Lyricus. This paper was at a personal level, and it was also immediately accessible as a way of life. It signified a new area of focus: the human heart and the transformative virtues that it—in concert with
the mind—could transmit.

Shortly thereafter, a new paper was released, entitled: The Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative. 

As John Berges wrote: “These two papers signaled a shift from the ‘big picture’ themes of WingMakers and Lyricus, to a focus on the individual through a form of spiritual psychology that concentrates on the heart and a set of virtues that come through it from the Sovereign Integral. These virtues are appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor.”

The release of these papers and the change in content tone from cosmological to personal, was in part
due to the impending shift—also known as 2012. James referred to this as a new era, one he called the Era of Transparency and Expansion. This was the time when individuals and organizations would undergo a sense of transparency and unveiling. In this new era, cunning and deceit would gradually be revealed.

Long-stored secrets would be exposed—some, transformative to human consciousness. There was a new spiritual psychology that was being introduced in the form of the simple practice of expressing heart virtues genuinely in our daily life. Like many things that sound simple in theory, they’re not so simple to practice, at least unconditionally and with genuineness. Such is the case with the six heart virtues. In 2007, when the EventTemples website launched, the nature of the Sovereign Integral began to be shared in more detail and how it is the source of the higher frequencies of love and unity.

In effect, the heart virtues flow from this source, and if we can be open to this source and activate and
sustain its presence in our lives, our ability to be an unconditional practitioner of the heart virtues is
made much easier.

The stressors of our world make all of this harder to practice. James released the e-paper entitled: Living from Heart, as a support system that helps the individual to deal more effectively with the stresses of modern-day living, especially amid a major shift into a new era (the Era of Transparency).

The six heart virtues have become a major theme of the Lyricus and WingMakers materials and the papers that James has released provide a great foundation to help people to become practitioners, and not merely philosophical inquirers.

In the April 2013 interview, James put it this way:

“You see, the recitation of philosophy is based on words and mental ideology. Yes, it can change behaviors to be sure, but it doesn’t bring the ultra-fine frequencies into the human instrument. Only behaviors that are consistent to the virtues of the heart will purify and prepare the human instrument to perceive the soul or higher self. To see its movements, its perspectives, its insights, its consciousness. So, behaviors bring about preparation of the human instrument, and these behaviors must be coherent and clear, and the only way they can be of this quality, is if they’re genuine.

”You cannot fake this. You cannot practice like a machine. You must be human, vulnerable, open, humble, and willing to learn from yourself more than you’re willing to accept the words of another.”

 e-Papers can be read below, just click on the e-paper you’re drawn to. They can also be downloaded in Adobe PDF format (scroll to the PDF section of the page). Some of these papers are also available in the Other Languages section of the site.

"Our innermost structure is divine love and our outermost structure is a means of experience for the innermost structure, but we have become entrained by the outer vehicle to the degree where we identify with it more than the occupant—our true self—inside".
Excerpt from Living from the Heart

The term WingMakers is encoded:
“Wing” is derived from the term wind or blow. It is the active force of setting new states into motion.
“Makers” is the plurality of the co-creators—that being the collective essence of humanity.
Thus, WingMakers means that from the collective essence of humanity new states of consciousness come into being.
This is the meaning of the term WingMakers, and it confers to humanity a new identity.
Humanity is transitioning to become WingMakers.”

James Mahu. Excerpted from the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

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"These works are catalytic and intended to help individuals shift their consciousness in order to more effectively access their own spiritual purpose, particularly as it relates to the discovery of the Grand Portal.. 

"The important thing to bear in mind as you review these materials is that you are composed of a human instrument that consists of your physical body, emotions and mind. The human instrument is equipped with a portal that enables it to receive and transmit from and to the higher dimensions that supersede our three-dimensional reality —the reality of everyday life. 

These materials are designed to assist your development of this portal so as you read and experience these works, you are interacting with this portal, widening its view and receptivity."


Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol.1