WingMakers is neither a path or teaching,
it is simply a way of living based on spiritual equality,
and in this way of living, it proposes not to judge,
but rather to distinguish carefully between the lower frequencies of separation
and the higher frequencies of unity--one and all.

James Mahu, excerpted from the Collected Works of WingMakers Volume 1


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14. Global Issues and Conflicts

Dark Lodge  
Terrorist Attacks of 9-11-01  
Israel and Palestine 
Economic Recession  
Resolving World Crisis  
Montauk Project (Mind Control)  
Chip Implants


Question 11-S2 - What is your relationship with other extraterrestrial races involved with the Earth? Are the Animus real or fictional?

A. My relationships are with humans at the present. I do not have interactions with what I believe you are calling extraterrestrial races, other than my ancient bonds with Lyricus.

As for the Animus, they are very real.

Question 62-S3 - Is there an Animus influence in the hierarchy? If yes are their intentions designed to minimize the emergence of the SECU's?

A. There are tremendous variations of personality in the Animus as there is within Humanity at large. There are factions within the Animus that desire nothing more than to become a soul carrier and live harmoniously with humanoids; and there are factions that would like to supplant the humanoid genome and rule over their worlds. With this backdrop, the answer to your question is a qualified "yes".

The emergence of the SECU functionality is a prime concern within certain Animus factions, as is the related discovery of the Grand Portal for the simple reason that it connects humanity with the broader humanoid family present throughout universe seven.

The acronym "SECU" stands for "Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe." See Extraterrestrials, Question 12-S2 for a fuller explanation of SECU.

Dark Lodge

The dark lodge is a name given to a collective group of entities who seek to keep humanity imprisoned in the confines of pure materialism. Through their influence humanity is kept in fear, separation, and spiritual darkness. Again, this term is used in the Bailey/Djwhal Khul philosophical texts, but appears as the "black lodge" or "dark brotherhood."

Question 10-S3 - How does the Hierarchy regard the present post-Iraq situation in terms of the 'sealing of the door where evil dwells'? Has the Dark Brotherhood regained the power it had pre World War II, when it worked through the axis nations? Is the situation in terms of the balance of power between the White and Black Lodges regarded as precarious at the moment? i.e. who currently has the upper hand?

A. The Dark Lodge continues to consume and project power within the physical and emotional planes of terra-earth, irrespective of the external events of war. In other words, wars and political unrest are not barometers of the Dark Lodge.

Rather, the signs of the Dark Lodge are found in the ethics of adults and children, and how, on a collective basis, these situational ethics re-direct the global culture away from the divine will-to-good. Until the Wholeness Navigator (a component of the human soul) is discovered and its practical applications employed by a critical mass of humans, the Dark Lodge will dominate in this physical realm.

Their domination is enabled by the human species that lack identification with the unification force that the Wholeness Navigator anchors within the higher mind. This feeling of separation from the brotherhood of souls is the singular weapon exploited by the Dark Lodge to recruit, retain, and motivate its followers.

Terrorist Attacks of 9-11-01

Question 12-S3a - Is the conspiracy theory correct that the attack on the WTC on 9/11 was engineered by the US government and /or the Israeli secret service? What was the degree of complicity in the operation by Osama Bin Laden?

A. No one engineered the 9/11 tragedies, other than those who carried it out. The Dark Lodge did not orchestrate it. It is a natural, organic event arising out of the disconnected, disenfranchised populations of the world as they strive to strike back at what they deem cultural genocide.
Cultural genocide (I'm making a distinction between racial genocide) is one of the more subtle ways to displace indigenous control of the resources in the Middle East.

One could argue that the Dark Lodge or the U.S. government knew that something like 9/11 could occur, but they did not prescribe the method of destruction, nor did they enable it specifically. Rather, they project their power and the cultural autocracy associated with it, knowing a reaction is inevitable.

To every unchecked power, there is a resistance movement. It is a law of the universe, and the Dark Lodge is very well aware of it. However, the resistance movement can be manipulated to invoke fear, and it is this fear that further degrades situational ethics, opening the door to involution.

Question 12-S3b - Are Osama Bin Laden or George Bush disciples, and if so what is their evolutionary status? 1-2 degree? (1.3, 1.5 etc).

This questioner is using the vocabulary of Theosophy when referring to disciples and degrees of initiation. In this context, disciples are students following an accelerated path of training in spiritual development. This process can be conscious or unconscious. During the "unconscious" phase of the developmental path, an individual may be experiencing a particular lifetime in which they are engaged in an accelerated learning and testing period.

Initiation degrees are developmental levels of spiritual growth and achievement based on life experience gained in the framework of one's chosen spiritual path.

A. Regarding levels of discipleship or evolutionary status, this is a very personal matter and is never disclosed by Lyricus teachers. Furthermore, any undue emphasis on initiation status, particularly unrelated to your own, is misdirected energy.

Question 41-S3 - In light of the recent tragedy (September 11) how do we recover some perception into the big picture and place these events of terrorism in perspective?

A. The world is fragmented into religious and political perspectives that land on various points of an expanding continuum. This fragmentation is the expression of humanity's collective ignorance of the Wholeness Navigator, or immortal essence. It is this ignorance, and this ignorance alone, that perceptually separates you not only from First Source or God, but also those of your human family and the broader community of life forms that extend throughout the Grand Universe.

This specific condition of ignorance creates the duality of good and evil and its reliable shadow of sin. As depicted so admirably in the media, the enemy of the United States, and indeed the free world at large, has been sculpted into an unrevealed network of terrorists who personify evil; while we, the free world, stand erect as the embodiment of good. I invite you to contemplate the vulnerability of this paradigm.

The conceptual structure of humanity's success does not lie in the simplistic notion of the triumph of good over evil. Instead, it lies in the investment of scientific and technical resources, coupled to the self-reliant ingenuity of the human race to discover the Wholeness Navigator and share this discovery with the world's population. This will not be done with the full cooperation of the human race. Indeed, it never is. There is always the dampening effect of those who fear the changes that will follow in the wake of this vital discovery.

The terrorist network is a facet of this dampening effect that will assail all efforts to unify humanity, and it will not be the only form of resistance. As humanity enters into the unfolding of its next three generations, this network will test it repeatedly, and at times, as witnessed this week, with brutal effectiveness. Ironically, terrorism fulfills the very role it eschews inasmuch as the common enemy unifies.

Those elements of the population, whether they are countries like North Korea and Iraq, or radical religious factions, have one thing in common: they dread unification of the world's people because they fear that their unique ethnicity, culture, and religious customs will be extinguished, while those populations who strive for unification believe their cultures will be a foundation stone in the new, global society. This is a fundamental anxiety of our time.

Once a world's population reaches a stage of global communication, those nations who can apply the global communications platform naturally seek a conceptual structure that unifies the population, first economically, and then, militarily. Earth is well underway in both arenas, but the dampening effect of the terrorist network is what will help to temper the will of the population to unify.

Once this unification is established, the population will be better able to collaborate and share, and this is precisely what the scientific discovery of the Wholeness Navigator requires.

It is completely rational to be outraged by the brutality of these recent attacks; it is also sensible to understand them in the broader context. Our political, military, and media leaders do not share this perspective, not because they lack sensibility, but because their systems of reference are designed to protect what has been established by previous generations as our self interest, rather than to understand the broader context as it relates to the vital discoveries that lie ahead.

I know in the minds of each of you lies the gnawing questions:

- Where will this invasive terrorism lead and how far will it go?
- Will it lead to a world war?
- Will the world economy weaken as a result?

I can answer yes to the last two questions, but it will not overtake the world's progression to unify, but rather hasten its realization. While sacrifices will be required, it will generate a new sense of collective purpose and connection among the nations and tribes of Earth.

If you remain absorbed in the media-defined expression of this dramatic story as it ensues, you may be entrained to think and act as our leaders do, which is centered on the protection of the self-interests of the free world. You may instead choose to rely more on the leadership of your inmost self during the times that will come, and place the events in the broader context of the journey that lies ahead - both for you as an individual and humanity as a whole.

Each of you must feel as though you have walked unwittingly through a gate, and, having seen what's on the other side, you want to return from whence you came, but the gate locked behind you. We have entered a new world where your vulnerability has been drawn in sharp relief. What lies ahead is not of our conscious designs, but rather it is an expression of our accumulated self-interests and general ignorance of the Wholeness Navigator, and subconsciously, there are few on Earth who do not realize this.

There is no one to blame for this condition. It is an evolutionary element of the long process for a humanoid species to achieve the scientific discovery of the higher dimensions from which humanity is woven. Upon this journey humankind has struggled before, but it has always found its way forward to its ultimate goal, and it is this goal - subtle as it may be - that seeks to articulate itself in the hearts and minds of all of you who are incarnate at this time.

There will be new tests that will assail humanity throughout the 21st century; some will be more profoundly shattering than those witnessed this week. Invariably, your leaders will draw a line between good and evil and seek to eradicate the evil, and in every instance the target will only extend further into the deep recesses of obscurity and de-centralization.

There is a strategic plan for all life-bearing planets, and this plan is not established at the outset and then cast aside. It is constantly undergoing refinement and adjustment. The only stability in this plan is the ultimate goal; the journey itself weaves, stalls, accelerates, and sometimes even reverses in direction.

There is, however, the guiding hand of First Source that never releases, nor turns away in indifference, and this same hand touches into the deepest part of you - especially in times such as these, and it proffers insight.

My message to each of you is to listen to this insight in the quiet of the night or morning, in the natural ways of the sky, the ocean, the woods, or fields, and invite it to reveal the emotional intelligence that survives the physical body. Allow this to prevail in your heart and mind even amid the unsettling times of today and the future. When you capture this insight, anchor it in your life by expressing it through your senses of touch, sight, hearing, and sound. You can think of this as the Reassurance Vibration.

It is the vibration you will want to carry inside of you and share.

Israel and Palestine

Question 11-S3 - The Zionists were a tool of the Dark Brotherhood pre and post WWII:
"The "sealing" of that door had not been successfully accomplished, and it is the part of wisdom to discover this in time. These Forces of Evil work through a triangle of evil, one point of which is to be found in the Zionist Movement in the United States, another in central Europe, and the third in Palestine. Palestine is no longer a Holy Land and should not be so regarded."
Is this triangle still activated through the 'Neocons' in the American administration? If so, how dangerous is their agenda in terms of Middle East domination by America in Israel?

A. Your question has underlying assumptions that are not entirely accurate, and therefore if I were to answer it directly, my answer would, by necessity, be obtuse.

Let me just say that Palestine and Israel are minor elements in the grand scheme of the Dark Lodge. They are like misdirection tools in the hands of a magician. Where you have concentration of control of earth's vital resources (i.e., oil, natural gas, water, food commodities, gold, diamonds, etc.) that is where you will find the Dark Lodge operating.

Using this line of reasoning, neither Israel nor Palestine possesses these vital resources.

These resources are the lifeblood of the Dark Lodge as well as the powerbase upon which they rise to prominence and exercise their greed. It has been this way for hundreds upon hundreds of generations. This is as true for Terra-Earth as it is any life-bearing planet with soul carrier DNA pre-Grand Portal time.

A planet's vital and valuable resources attract those who identify with power instead of brotherhood; exploitation instead of collaboration. This is the very basis of the Dark Lodge.

Question 13-S3 - How imminent does the Hierarchy regard the resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian crisis? Is the Manu considering drastic measures be taken if the situation is not resolved soon?

A. The resolution of the crisis in the Middle East is all interconnected. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is fueled by a near-inexhaustible supply of mutual resentment, and it all goes to the issue of cultural genocide and the shifting of control of vital resources.

When the Native Americans underwent this process they initially had resistance movements, but eventually succumbed to the interminable force of the white expansionist movement. This will not be the case in this conflict. It will continue for many decades in cycles of ceasefires and hostile resumptions.

The Manu of the Fifth Race is not concerned with matters of this kind. If it were, it would not prepare for the next evolutionary standard of the soul carrier DNA. This is the vital task that consumes the Manu at present.

Economic Recession

Question 25-S3 - Is there a worldwide economic recession imminent? Do the Hierarchy regard this as essential in order for there to be a new monetary system developed?

A. There is a Zen proverb: The last thing a fish notices is water. The recession is well underway, and it is global. It is a result of the Dark Lodge's control of the money/asset/vital resources supply. The Hierarchy doesn't concern itself about the monetary system as long as the technology required for the Grand Portal continues to receive investment (and it will).

Resolving World Crisis

Question 69-S3 - "There's a persistent memory in the psyche of humans - particularly the weaker cultures that have been trampled on by nations bent on colonization. These grievous indignations to the weaker nations of the world have left a deep mark on their collective memory. It's vital that this memory be erased or purged in order for humankind to become unified in its governance and fundamental systems.

"This event can be orchestrated or it may occur through natural means, but it's generally agreed that an event must arise that galvanizes the world's people to unite, and in this process, purge the memory of all peoples, but especially those who have been dealt with as victims of colonization."
This quotation is taken from the online version of Neruda Interview Nº 4.

By "purge" and "erase" what exactly do you mean? Kill off these cultures or find ways to heal their collective memory or something else?

A. Purge, in this context, means to release the memory of victimhood in favor of a vision to unite for a common cause and/or purpose, and to construct together rather than participate in the destructive cycles of revenge-sabotage. Again, the discovery of the Grand Portal is a galvanizing event/process of sufficient magnitude to shift these collective memories into release and create a new pattern of behavior, which is the only way that these changes can be sustained.

Montauk Project (Mind Control)

Question 37-S3 - What is the relationship between the Montauk Project and the Wing-Makers (if there is any)?

A. I will give you a peek into what occurred that led to the Montauk Project.

A very bright man by the name of Vannevar Bush (no relation to GWB) headed up a small group of brilliant physicists who were working with the ACIO when it was newly formed.

Bush was the ostensible leader of this scientific force who was tasked to perform some re-engineering feats of UFO technologies. These initial extraterrestrial technologies were purposely left for discovery as a means to accelerate the time of the networks (Internet being the first stage - SIN being the culmination stage).

The walls of secrecy are always permeable within the government and military, and Bush became known as a superior investigator of these technologies. This project was held in higher security than the Manhattan Project. However, because Bush was too visible and potentially a risk, this re-engineering project was funneled into the ACIO where Bush was given the opportunity to join.

He declined because of the need to essentially leave society and become anonymous. Bush, even at that time, was being groomed by the Central Race to help invent the stage one Network infrastructure, and he had a semi-conscious realization that his real mission was involved in this endeavor and not the ACIO.

Fifteen, was also being groomed for the position, but was considered less trustworthy as a person with whom the military and Incunabula could rely on to follow their own agenda. Nonetheless, Fifteen was considered a far brighter and more capable mind to initiate the sort of discoveries and fathom the potentials that these extraterrestrial technologies held.

During the time when Bush was leading the re-engineering efforts, he was asked to participate in the earliest experiments in time travel. Even Einstein was consulted for a short time on these experiments, which were conducted in absolute secrecy. The outcome, while unsuccessful, did generate an enthusiasm within the Incunabula (for all the obvious reasons); however, it was not given any additional funding by the military so the project was closed.

The project file ended up in Fifteen's hands, and there were some elements that were found useful (dealing with transitory states of degaussing). A copy of the project file also ended up at Brookhaven. This copy later turned into the Montauk Project, but was quickly diverted into mind control experiments that went awry. The military really controlled Montauk, while the Incunabula controlled the ACIO (in the early years of its development).

Now, as for the credibility of these men and their association with the WingMakers, I will leave this to you. I will only add that the Central Race works through individuals in such a way that they do not know they are being worked with. Those who claim this communication do not generally have it.

If they have alignment to the Grand Portal it will be obvious in their deeds and words, even if they don't know about the WingMakers or the intrinsic nature of the universe. I understand your lament that people miss the spiritual undercurrents and sometimes rush to the superficial eddies of conspiracy and cover-up. The two dramas are very different in nature, but they are not incompatible.

Chip Implants

Question 70-S3 - What are your views on chip implants for purposes of identification and law enforcement? Would you avoid or accept such an implant into your human instrument?

A. I would resist it with every ounce of my ability and legal recourse, but if the day arrived when it became a law and I am required to accept such an implant, I would begrudgingly accept it because it is a law, and it would only arrive as a law if there were some value in its proposition. An implant would not influence any of my behaviors, conduct, attitude or any other expression.

The term WingMakers is encoded:
“Wing” is derived from the term wind or blow. It is the active force of setting new states into motion.
“Makers” is the plurality of the co-creators—that being the collective essence of humanity.
Thus, WingMakers means that from the collective essence of humanity new states of consciousness come into being.
This is the meaning of the term WingMakers, and it confers to humanity a new identity.
Humanity is transitioning to become WingMakers.”

James Mahu. Excerpted from the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

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These materials are designed to assist your development of this portal so as you read and experience these works, you are interacting with this portal, widening its view and receptivity."


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