WingMakers is neither a path or teaching,
it is simply a way of living based on spiritual equality,
and in this way of living, it proposes not to judge,
but rather to distinguish carefully between the lower frequencies of separation
and the higher frequencies of unity--one and all.

James Mahu, excerpted from the Collected Works of WingMakers Volume 1


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By Mar Hempel
Webmaster WingMakers.com

One of the things I’m frequently asked is “Where do I start? What should the new visitor study in order to get a good understanding of the WingMakers Materials?”

The answer is a difficult one. When I was interviewing James in April 2008, he offered the following perspective:

James: “You will notice that the first floor of the structure that Lyricus built consists of the WingMakers materials. When you design a building, the main floor is where people ente the building even if that building has one hundred or more stories. Everyone enters through the ground floors. Now, if that skyscraper is sitting in a busy intersection, it has entrances from all four sides of the building. Some on the main level, some underground, perhaps.
In the same way the WingMakers materials have many different access points because some people will resonate to the materials in the Neruda interviews, that speak of government conspiracy and extraterrestrial influences, others will find the philosophy particularly meaningful, perhaps others will find the art or music to draw from. However they enter the structure, from which entrance—it doesn’t really matter—so long as they enter the building and proceed to higher levels of the structure. 
”Now the matter of feeling fear or frustration is a common side-effect once people better understand the dark forces and learn how they try to manipulate the systems of culture and government in their favor. But this is also part of the activation, because the individual must again choose to be led by these forces or disengage from them and discern their subtle influence. We don’t turn a blind eye to these forces, nor do we fear them. Instead we see them as part of our family that have lost their connection to the higher frequencies of love and we send our compassion to them. 
“I would suggest to readers of WingMakers: Do not stop your exploration of these materials in the Neruda interviews or the Ancient Arrow book, but continue your investigation into the Lyricus and Event Temples materials, as these will acquaint you with the higher levels of the Lyricus structure.”
Mark: “And what are these higher levels, James?”
James: “Well, the highest level is the Grand Portal itself, and perhaps later I will add some textures and details to the meaning of the Grand Portal. For now I will just say that it is the ultimate goal of the structure. After WingMakers came the disclosure of the Lyricus Teaching Order, or LTO. This was the next level of the structure that was built out so as to make clear that the mind behind the WingMakers was not affiliated with the subject of its writings, namely the ACIO or Incunabula—the alpha organizations of the Illuminati. So, the LTO was disclosed in its role, seeding the human understanding of its purposeful journey to the Grand Portal. This was done to clarify the purpose of the WingMakers materials. The next level after Lyricus was more recently launched, and it is the Event Temples.
”Event Temples is the activity-based level of transitioning from the instructions of philosophy or mythology, and placing the focus on living a love-centered life through the expression of the six heart virtues.
“These three levels—WingMakers, Lyricus, and Event Temples—are aligned and coherent expressions of the one goal of our human family uniting in the behaviors of love and collectively knocking on the door of the fifth dimension, and meshing these energetics of the fifth dimension with the human domain. That is the Grand Portal.”

The Concept of Event-strings

In the fifteen years of my involvement in the WingMakers Materials, I can pinpoint which elements resonate with me, but certainly not you. Have you ever gone into a bookstore and just walked around looking at the books, waiting for something to jump out at you? I think this is the way to approach the WingMakers website. Look around, browse, and wait for something—a graphic, a music composition, a section of writing… something will tap you on the shoulder and say: read this, study this, listen to this.

When James wrote the article about event-strings, he said:

“Before you read further, ask yourself the following question: “Did I—on my own merits—arrive at this position of reading these words I now read?”
“Think carefully. Remember the string of events that led you to this very place in time. Remember how you found this book and then this specific page? It was not an accident. It was an orchestrated event-string. Event-strings are engineered from multiple sets of consciousness, and thus, the answer to the question posed above is, “no.” It was not on your own merits, but in cooperation with other forms of consciousness that you are here now.
“There are many different varieties of event-strings. Some are more dependent on external forces than an intermingling of cooperatively functioning consciousnesses. Some are more personal in nature as in the case of a soul’s birth or passing, while others are designed for universal functions. Some are designed to be catalytic while others are preventative in nature.
“We want to assure you that as you read these words there are changes in your consciousness that are occurring that will clarify your connection to First Source, and enable you to broadcast this clarity. The broadcasting of this enhanced clarity is not through words or even actions; so much as it is in the vision that you hold within your mind and heart.
“This vision is assisted in the paintings associated with this book. They are symbols you can hold in your mind’s eye. There will be one image or symbol that will beckon you. Take this image into your mind as if it were a key to the locked door that has stood between you and First Source. Similarly, there will be a word or phrase that will beckon you, hold this in your heart. These will activate the event-string contained in this experience that was designed in small part by you, and in large part by a collective of consciousnesses that you may refer to as the WingMakers.”

My Personal Recommendations

So, with all of those qualifications, I will give you my personal recommendation. If you can, acquire the Collected Works of the WingMakers. 

I know it’s an expensive book, but in the grand scheme of things, this material has a potency to it that, in my view, is unparalleled. Because of its sheer size and the fact that it’s full color throughout its pages, the Collected Works are costly, but it’s the best way, in my humble opinion to study these materials and really get to the core of the messages that James is providing to us. Plus, you get the piloting of John Berges who guides you through the materials, providing the context and connections.

The other thing I would do is to listen to the music as I read the Collected Works.

This website is a wonderful substitute for that experience, and it will also be a great way to learn about the materials, so for those who don’t want to make any purchases, check out all the sections, and see what emerges as resonant, supportive and provocative to your heart and mind.

Music and art are very subjective, but I’m particularly fond of the music in the Hakomi 4-6 and First Source CDs. As for the Chamber Paintings, I have most of them framed on the walls of my home, and Chamber 2 just speaks to me, but I also love Chambers 3, 4, 6, 22, and 24, and the Hokomi Chamber 14.

James has held back on the release of the Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda for 15 years. To my way of thinking, it’s the most radical and potent of the WingMakers materials. But you have to read it with an open mind and a willingness to suspend your internal censor. The whole Sovereign Integral process is unveiled in that interview and it is life changing. 

One final comment or recommendation… if you like novels, Quantusum is a gem. It contains some profoundly esoteric and important content about the spiritual realms. It’s really an excellent way to understand the broader multiverse and see, by way of example, how to live a love-centered life. I also like James’ newest novel, The Weather Composer. It’s definitely more action-oriented, and because it’s centered in a post-apocalyptic world in Iran, it’s a bit edgy, but from darkness you can feel the light better sometimes. To me, this is the case in this novel.

The term WingMakers is encoded:
“Wing” is derived from the term wind or blow. It is the active force of setting new states into motion.
“Makers” is the plurality of the co-creators—that being the collective essence of humanity.
Thus, WingMakers means that from the collective essence of humanity new states of consciousness come into being.
This is the meaning of the term WingMakers, and it confers to humanity a new identity.
Humanity is transitioning to become WingMakers.”

James Mahu. Excerpted from the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

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"These works are catalytic and intended to help individuals shift their consciousness in order to more effectively access their own spiritual purpose, particularly as it relates to the discovery of the Grand Portal.. 

"The important thing to bear in mind as you review these materials is that you are composed of a human instrument that consists of your physical body, emotions and mind. The human instrument is equipped with a portal that enables it to receive and transmit from and to the higher dimensions that supersede our three-dimensional reality —the reality of everyday life. 

These materials are designed to assist your development of this portal so as you read and experience these works, you are interacting with this portal, widening its view and receptivity."


Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol.1