WingMakers is neither a path or teaching,
it is simply a way of living based on spiritual equality,
and in this way of living, it proposes not to judge,
but rather to distinguish carefully between the lower frequencies of separation
and the higher frequencies of unity--one and all.

James Mahu, excerpted from the Collected Works of WingMakers Volume 1


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WingMakers.com was launched in November 1998, evoking a strong response from the Internet's consciousness, spirituality, conspiracy theorists, and extraterrestrial communities. Its creator has remained anonymous over the ensuing years and writes eloquently about a race of extraterrestrial beings (WingMakers) that have interacted with the human species for thousands of years, and remain a fixture in our mythologies as the Elohim or Shining Ones. This interaction continues to this day, and indeed, James, the individual behind the WingMakers mythology, is purported to work among them.

Approximately 875,000 unique visitors have studied the WingMakers site since its launch. James has made the WingMakers mythology a central part of his teachings, which include 10 music CDs, hundreds of art files, poetry, stories, and esoteric philosophy. 
Within the WingMakers there is an organization known as the Lyricus Teaching Order (LTO). It is the responsibility of certain teachers of the LTO to incarnate within the human family and to help catalyze the seminal discovery of the species: The Grand Portal. The Grand Portal is the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul and its interconnection with all forms of life-energy. It is through this discovery that the human species will authentically unite and ascend to the lofty state of a self-realized race. The Lyricus.org website is yet another creation of James and offers the discourses, excerpts from Liminal Cosmogony, and more detailed information on the structure of the universe.

What’s the Purpose of the WingMakers?

As author and spiritual seeker, John Berges elegantly put it this way in his introductory comments in
Volume 1 of the Collected Works of the WingMakers:
“Although the WingMakers material is presented as a mythological story designed to stir our imaginations, stories of this genre are not necessarily pure fantasy, but often contain elements of truth, and this is also the case with WingMakers. Recall George Lucas’ many hours of conversation with Joseph Campbell, probably the greatest student and scholar of mythology in the past one hundred years, as he conceived the Star Wars epic. In his tale, Lucas brings the forces of good and evil into clear focus, but underlying these two exterior forces is the power of the Force. The power of the Force is the bedrock of the mythological world of Star Wars, it being the essential underlying foundation connecting all life. The WingMakers mythos takes the Force concept one step further, making it more specific by placing the presence of the Force within us as—the Force of the Sovereign Integral. 
“So the success of mythical tales, both ancient and modern, lies in their ability to touch our hearts, our feelings, and our deep intuitive sense of connection to one another and to the universe. It’s all about how they make us feel through the information they provide. The WingMakers materials follow this tradition. Hence, the entire WingMakers’ presentation, with its array of artistic expressions, is designed to trigger the primal memories of our spiritual origin and nature—long lost and forgotten—as we have journeyed through the worlds of space and time. The material challenges us to feel and think deeply about who we are as a species, where we came from, where we are going, and why we are here.”
James Mahu in one of the interview (April 2008), that were performed explains it this way:

"I understand the interest in knowing what is real and what is not real… it’s fundamental to our natures, but in the case of an encoded mythology it is not essential to distinguish between the real and unreal, so much as it is to feel its effects on your behavior and your point of view. When you read the materials, do new avenues of perception open up? Do you begin to see a new geometry into the subtle fields that surround you at all times? Do you feel more connected to your higher purpose? These are the more vital issues that require contemplation and review. I’ll elaborate just a bit.

The WingMakers mythology is an encoded work, which is to say, that there are frequencies of light and sound that are woven into the music, chamber paintings, philosophy, story, and poetry. These frequencies are subtle in that they are… they are felt more by the heart than they are reasoned by the mind.

Those who review the materials with only their mind, especially a mind that is settled in the historical view of God and Spirit, they will find a very different experience than one who brings both their heart and mind and releases historical views.

Mythologies and stories are actually the preferred communication of Lyricus because they can appear more innocent without the usual embroidery of fact-checking, mental analysis, comparison, and so forth which are all attributes of the intellect and the ego. To the extent possible, we try to diminish the possibility that the ego and intellect dominate the interpretation of the materials.

You see, the historical mind is weighed down by the words and opinions of thousands of writers from the beginning of human history. The real import of the WingMakers materials is to, in effect, dislodge the person from the historical mind and move them into a sense of connection to their higher Self and the Spirit that supports it. In doing this, the person can more easily access the tone of equality or the intuitive faculty inside their heart which opens the channel to the Living Truth."

 The WingMakers Plan

The WingMakers Plan was conceived by James Mahu, the visionary creator of the WingMakers. We are currently 16 years into the evolution of that plan. It’s now clear that from the time that the first website was launched in November 1998, it was designed to expand to five websites, and then consolidate. This new website—what is euphemistically being called WingMakers 2.0—is an “in-breath” or a consolidation of the diverse resources that James has created (or “translated,” as he puts it). WingMakers is a resource for those who are interested in the spiritual values of their heart and mind, and are seeking new insights and inspirations to stimulate their growth and sense of purpose.

WingMakers is not an organization or a group of people bent on solving the issues of today. It is exquisitely personal. It is designed to help the individual to activate or deepen their spiritual path, so they can rise to the purpose they came to serve as both a soul and soul carrier.

The Wingmakers materials are catalysts for the expansion of the evolutionary consciousness, a fragment of which is inside each of us. These materials consist of a collection of enigmatic and mystical art, music, philosophy, new physics, and a remarkable story brilliantly integrated from an anonymous creator, known simply as James. They are as much a spiritual revelation as a mind-expanding adventure into the profound discoveries that await humanity.


WWW.WINGMAKERS.COM The first page and the original material of the WingMakers introduction. It contains thousands of pages of profound concepts, music, poetry, philosophy, mythology, paintings and much more

WWW.EVENTTEMPLES.COM page community meets in an energy level in sync sessions for the common good.

WWW.LYRICUS.ORG The material Teaching Order of Lyricus has some speeches extracted from Liminal Cosmogony and others.

WWW.SPIRITSTATE.COM is the Web-Book, the experience of reading books online WingMakers.

WWW.SOVEREIGNINTEGRAL.ORG information page Integral Sovereign.

WWW.PLANETWORKPRESS.COM  Division for the purchase of books in paper format. Finally we add another few words of James Mahu: "If any material resonates as truth in your innermost mind and heart, allow it entry. Once internalized, allow it to exit freely. If it stays around, you have found a valuable asset to your evolving belief system. If it leaves or goes into hibernation, it simply means you have reason to continue your search. This applies equally to the WingMakers’ material. It is not intended to be an exclusive collection of sensory data streams. Quite the opposite. There are entities incarnated now who will be returning in human embodiment in the next one hundred years who will play a significant role in the unveiling and dissemination of the Grand Portal. Their involvement with these materials now will help them navigate to these roles because it will recalibrate their internal value system, and in some instances, literally recast their destinies. Moreover, while the actual discovery of the Grand Portal may ultimately be credited to a handful of individuals, it will be the achievement of millions of entities that grafted their intellects, actions, and inspirational ideas together to build the ultimate mosaic of the human spirit. Anyone involved in these works will be a part of this mosaic." ( Interview session II, April 2008)

The term WingMakers is encoded:
“Wing” is derived from the term wind or blow. It is the active force of setting new states into motion.
“Makers” is the plurality of the co-creators—that being the collective essence of humanity.
Thus, WingMakers means that from the collective essence of humanity new states of consciousness come into being.
This is the meaning of the term WingMakers, and it confers to humanity a new identity.
Humanity is transitioning to become WingMakers.”

James Mahu. Excerpted from the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

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"These works are catalytic and intended to help individuals shift their consciousness in order to more effectively access their own spiritual purpose, particularly as it relates to the discovery of the Grand Portal.. 

"The important thing to bear in mind as you review these materials is that you are composed of a human instrument that consists of your physical body, emotions and mind. The human instrument is equipped with a portal that enables it to receive and transmit from and to the higher dimensions that supersede our three-dimensional reality —the reality of everyday life. 

These materials are designed to assist your development of this portal so as you read and experience these works, you are interacting with this portal, widening its view and receptivity."


Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol.1