WingMakers is neither a path or teaching,
it is simply a way of living based on spiritual equality,
and in this way of living, it proposes not to judge,
but rather to distinguish carefully between the lower frequencies of separation
and the higher frequencies of unity--one and all.

James Mahu, excerpted from the Collected Works of WingMakers Volume 1


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By the Lyricus

The soul is literally a God Fragment that is composed of a hierarchy of capabilities and functionality that permit it to be simultaneously individuated and whole.

As it enters the soul carrier at or near the physical birth, it begins to form a matrix of interaction with the soul carrier – testing the vibrational resistance of the soul carrier, as well as its zones of resonance. It is encoded in the soul carrier template that hearing, at least initially, is the most developed of the senses through which the soul can perceive the physical domain. Eventually, the eye-brain system emerges as the dominant portal of perception.

The physical world of dimension and time creates the separation of the world of soul and the world of the soul carrier. 

Because soul is a God Fragment, and the soul carrier is a representative outgrowth of both the species’ evolutionary trajectory and the original designs of the soul carrier template, they are fundamentally incompatible. Thus, the Central Race engineered an interface that serves to integrate the soul and soul carrier, and orient the collective known as the individuated consciousness.

The individuated consciousness consists of six, interconnected energy systems. They are:

1) Soul Carrier generally consists of 24 primary systems and four major elements: body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. It is the soul carrier in the worlds of time and space that enables the soul to operate within the physical worlds of time, matter, and three-dimensional space.

2) Phantom Core is the super consciousness of the soul carrier. It is separate from the soul, and is considered the soul’s emissary to the natural world in which the soul carrier must interact. It is through this awareness that soul experiences the natural world of limitation and separation, drawing in the experiences that help it to build appreciation for the Grand Multiverse, the garment of First Source.

3) Sovereign Integral is a state of consciousness whereby the entity and all of its various forms of expression and perception are integrated as a conscious wholeness. The Sovereign Integral is the core identity of the individual. It is the gathering of all created experiences and all instinctive knowledge. This is the soul’s knowledge repository based on its collective, individual experiences within all dimensions and times since its creation as a unique consciousness.

4) Remnant Imprint is the impression of the Sovereign Integral as it penetrates into the soul carrier as a force of super consciousness. It is referred to as a ‘remnant’ only because it exists in the dimension of time and space, while the Sovereign Integral consciousness operates outside of three-dimensional time and space. The remnant imprint is the cast of energy bestowed by the Sovereign Integral to the soul carrier. It is precisely this energy that generates ideas and inspirations, making it possible for the voice of all that you are to surface into the worlds of time and space in which you are only a particle of your total being.

5) Wholeness Navigator guides the soul carrier to perceive fragmentary existence as a passageway into wholeness and unity. The Wholeness Navigator pursues wholeness and integration. It is the heart of the entity consciousness, shepherding the soul carrier and the soul to unify and operate as a single, sovereign being interconnected with all other beings. The Wholeness Navigator is the gravitational force that forms the purposeful clustering of Sovereign Integrals, reigning in sovereignty from the existential grasp of self-sufficiency.

6) Soul (entity consciousness) is, in the simplest of terms, a fragment of the Universal Spirit Consciousness of First Source. It is composed of a very refined and pure energy vibration that is equal to Source Intelligence (spirit). It is an immortal, living, coherent consciousness that is a replica of the energy of its Creator with the individual consciousness of a unique personality. It is the anchoring point of consciousness and is the subtlest of the energy systems of the individuated consciousness to perceive from the soul carrier perspective.

Excerpted from: Relationship of Lyricus to Human Species

The term WingMakers is encoded:
“Wing” is derived from the term wind or blow. It is the active force of setting new states into motion.
“Makers” is the plurality of the co-creators—that being the collective essence of humanity.
Thus, WingMakers means that from the collective essence of humanity new states of consciousness come into being.
This is the meaning of the term WingMakers, and it confers to humanity a new identity.
Humanity is transitioning to become WingMakers.”

James Mahu. Excerpted from the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

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"These works are catalytic and intended to help individuals shift their consciousness in order to more effectively access their own spiritual purpose, particularly as it relates to the discovery of the Grand Portal.. 

"The important thing to bear in mind as you review these materials is that you are composed of a human instrument that consists of your physical body, emotions and mind. The human instrument is equipped with a portal that enables it to receive and transmit from and to the higher dimensions that supersede our three-dimensional reality —the reality of everyday life. 

These materials are designed to assist your development of this portal so as you read and experience these works, you are interacting with this portal, widening its view and receptivity."


Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol.1